About the Practice Committee

The Practice Committee is a committee appointed by the rector, and is responsible for dealing with questions on responsible conduct of research a the University of Copenhagen.

The Committee is responsible for

  • helping to clarify the existing norms for good scientific practice
  • taking steps to ensure that the norms for good scientific practice are discussed
  • ruling on specific cases
  • tranfering cases involving research misconduct to the Danish Board on Research Misconduct

The Committee makes an annual report on its activities in Danish.

The members of the Committee are appointed by the academic councils on the faculties for a 3-year period. Every faculty is represented - Faculty of Science and Faculty of Health Sciences have two members represented. The Committee elects a chairman and a vice-chairman.

Members of the Practice Committee

 Name>  Title  Faculty
Mads Bryde Andersen (chairman)  Professor  Faculty of Law
Peter Ditlevsen  Professor  Faculty of Science
Ole Wæver Professor  Faculty of Social Sciences
Peter Sandøe (deputy chairman)  Professor  Faculty of Science
Gunner Lind  Professor  Faculty of Humanities
Jesper Høgenhaven  Professor  Faculty of Theology
Jens Lykkesfeldt  Professor  Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
Gorm Greisen  Professor  Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences