Rules and guidelines

This page contains The University of Copenhagen's rules for good scientific practice, the current Danish legislation in this area, the guidelines of the University, and the most important general and international guidelines for good scientific practice.

University of Copenhagen's guidelines


Other important guidelines

  • Danish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity
    - A national code of conduct for integrity in Danish research that is to help secure trustworthiness, integrity and thus quality in Danish research through commonly agreed principles and standards of good scientific practice.

  • The Vancouver protocol
    Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals

  • European Code of Conduct - European Science Foundation
    - European Science Foundation presented this Code of Conduct at på the Second World Conference on Research Integrity in 2010.

  • The Singapore Statement on Research Integrity
    - A product of the Second World Conference on Research Integrity. This is not an official and legally binding document, but rather a common frame of reference for what researchers around the world understand as good research practices.