If you want to file a complaint with the Practice Committee:

If you want to make a report to the Practice Committee about suspicion of research misconduct or questionable research practices, please use the form below and attach the appendices on which you base your report.

Complaint form for filing complaints with the Practice Committee at the University of Copenhagen (Word).

Specifically on plagiarism:

If the complaint concerns suspicions of plagiarism in particular, the scientific product must be attached, i.e. the text (e.g. a published article) claimed to contain plagiarized content. 

In this text, highlight sections claimed to be plagiarized. Every highlight must be include a note indicating what source has been plagiarized. Both highlights and notes can be made using standard features of Acrobat Reader. Other tools can also be used, e.g. PDF Annotator, Bluefire Reader and GoodReader.

Likewise, you must attach the plagiarized text and highlight the places where the plagiarized text can be found in the scientific product.

Attach all texts relevant to the complaint in their entirety as PDF files and if possible with OCR functionality (optical character recognition).

If the complaint involves more than one case of plagiarism, it should contain precise information on each case.

Specifically on co-authoring and other credit:

If the complaint of questionable research practices concerns lack of credit in a product (e.g. in an article) the product must be attached, i.e. the text (e.g. a published article) claimed lack credit.

If the complaint concerns refused co-authorship, please attach evidence that you have contributed substantially to the research that the product is based on.

If the complaint concerns a claim that you have not been appropriately acknowledged, e.g. under acknowledgement(s), please attach evidence that you have performed important work or made an intellectual contribution that has influenced the research. Please refer to section 4(1) in The Danish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.

To present the evidence necessary to prove lack of credit you may have to present emails showing the research project’s development and any potential contracts agreed upon by between you and other researchers.

Submission of complaint:

Fill in the form and with appendices attached and submit it to the Practice Committee’s secretariat via the e-mail below.

Email: praksisudvalget@adm.ku.dk